Best YouTube Audio Transcriber?

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My favourite YouTube video transcription extensions

For whatever reason, we may not want to sit 30 minutes to 1 hour to see if the thing we're watching has the answer to some specific question we had. Or we'd rather read it than listen to it. Whatever your case may be, you may want an extension that can transcribe, as you can later search for keywords, then look at time stamps where those words are mentioned. These extensions should also able to extract human or computer-generated transcripts.

Two extensions I'm about to mention will solve those issues. One is YT Scribe, and the other is YT subtitles viewer.

How does YouTube subtitles viewer work?

This extension works by clicking on the extension icon. It doesn't open in a different tab, but near the video you're playing right now. It has a search function built inside it; and you have to use it because Ctrl+F will close it.

It is advantageous to have the transcript side-by-side with the video but the disadvantage is that it closes when you type outside of it.

Extension URL:

How does YT Scribe work?

This Chrome extension takes the computer-generated transcript of a youtube video and uses AI to punctuate in a grammatical fashion. You are able to choose whether you want the transcript to be time stamped.

Extension URL:

Are there any problems with this app? Could I use them in combination?

You can use these extensions in combination. But I would play around with them and see which one feels more comfortable. They may not always work on some videos. For example, they can transcribe this video:

But they can't transcribe this video:

What would be an improvement?

It would be great if one of you computer pros makes an extension that combines the features of both apps. ^_^