Income Tax Calculator for China

Income Tax Calculator for China

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I used lots of Googling and various resources on the internet to come up with this spreadsheet to help myself understand why I was being taxed the way I was as an expat in China. I think this will provide you value as well.

  • Link to the Google Sheet of my Tax Calculator:
  • TLDR; Tax is calculated based on cumulative income. As your money accumulates throughout the year from your monthly salary, tax is calculated on the total from the beginning of the tax year to the present. Thus, ย subsequent months from now are likely to have the monthly income taxed at a higher rate.


  • Do not take advice from me without double-checking yourself. I am in no shape or form a tax or financial expert. This video is for entertainment purposes.
  • These tax policies may be subject to change at any time and the spreadsheet may not reflect that in a timely manner.
  • I am not a tax professional or anyone you should take advice from, please contact a financial advisor or accountant for professional advice